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mixed ammunition imageDo you have a new product that would interest our readers? Would you like us to feature your product on our home page? We can do that. This is a great opportunity to get 100% targeted traffic to your site. Our readers are shooters, who buy shooting stuff. They want to know about your new products. Please feel free to contact us regarding advertisement opportunities that we currently have available.

Want us to test your product and write a review?

Let us know. All our reviews are non-biased and honest. If we love it, we will say so, if we hate it, we will complain. Our reviews are for the sole purpose of our readers. The good , bad and the ugly, we strive to provide honest information from real world gun enthusiasts. This is a great opportunity for manufacturers to have a product reviewed by real world gun enthusiasts, and tweak products according to the response. All we ask is that you supply the product, and any data that you have available on the products you send. We will gladly fire off every single round or gladly review any firearm you send and publish a non-biased review according to the input of our testers (both male and female).  We love to shoot, and more so, we love outstanding products and customer service. Honesty is our policy and that is what our readers want. Nothing more, nothing less.


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